Uncharted Deception

Based on a true story!

When her adoring husband Bill disappears without a trace, newlywed Peggy turns to her close friends Rick and Cheryl for help. They quickly discover that the charming 'Bill' was not the man he said he was on any level! Soon Peggy also disappears, leaving behind only a cryptic message and a plea for nobody to try and find her! As the years pass, Rick and Cheryl find no explanations for these strange disappearances and must go on with their life.

Meanwhile, in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Peggy finds security in an unusual place – until the deadly threat from her past hunts her down again! In her new, highly anticipated tenth novel, Southern Writer Sharron Frink brings you a story taken from actual events, one that will make you wonder about how many people in your own life might not have been just what they appeared to be!

Excerpt from Uncharted Deception on the Outer Banks:


Chapter 1

Hatteras Island, North Carolina

August, 1974

“It stood there, tall and commanding, as a symbol of man’s eternal and desperate desire to survive the storm. Countless sailors had been warned away by this iconic beacon, spared from a tragic death at sea by its ever-present light. And now that same lifesaving lighthouse would become an instrument of death – her own death. The irony of that thought hit Peggy hard as she looked up and studied this famous landmark.

She felt the vivid memories from her childhood rushing in. Since the age of six this had been her dream – to see the big black and white candy-striped lighthouse at Cape Hatteras. And now she had finally arrived at her destination – or was it her destiny?”