Family Protection Act

3 book Series

Just how much will you let the government control your life??

Panic breaks out on the streets of America! The citizens of the United States demonstrate and demand that their government step in and ‘do something’ because the family, the basic building block of every civilized society, is collapsing and taking the American Dream down with it.

Lawmakers hurriedly pass the Family Protection Act. The government is now in control of your family life. And as the years pass, that control becomes complete.

How does that work out?

Twenty-five years after this epic government intervention one ‘approved’ young couple suddenly and inexplicably have their marriage license denied by the powerful Bureau of Family Protection only days before the wedding! Desperately in love, where can they turn?

Their friend Carlos, a computer genius who works for the Bureau of Family Protection, covertly digs into their problem while risking his life and career. Carlos uncovers two separate conspiracies which overlap and create potentially disastrous results for both the Family Protection Act itself as well as for any couple wanting to buck the government-mandated system.

Who is the behind the Orwellian evil group in power?

What kind of sick abuser does this powerful government agency harbor?

This ‘what-if’ story of a near future is frightening and all too possible. What will happen if the divorce rate continues to climb higher and higher? What is the future of the American Family?

Just when Belinda Sands and Carlos Pizzo think that they have the Bureau of Family Protection running smoothly and free from problems, a hate-filled scientist, an infamous computer renegade and a dangerous terrorist group introduce their most dangerous threat yet:

A sophisticated, bio-engineered plot to prevent Americans babies from being conceived!

Follow along as these agents of the Bureau of Family Protection stumble upon – and then must unravel and put a stop to – this unbelievable threat to America before it’s too late! Grab it now!

Don’t miss this thrilling sequel to the highly-rated novel,

Family Protection Act!!

If you liked the first one and loved the second one, the third book in the FPA series will absolutely satisfy your desire for more of this compelling, original story!

In the riveting followup to “Seed of Life” in her “Family Protection Act” series, Sharron Frink takes you deeper into the fierce battle to protect personal information in the data-hungry world of the near future.

When escaped computer genius-turned-madman Steve Underwood makes it very personal and decides to kill newlyweds Belinda and Carlos Pizzo, they’re forced to hide out in the safest home in the country – The White House…

Only one woman may be able to help them; but can they find her? Will she let herself be used by them to bring down the man she’s worshiped for years? If so, can she be trusted? Prepare yourself for a highly intense cyber-war – one that can be won only by using ‘old school’ tactics!