Buffalo City Moonshine Murders

Buffalo City Moonshine Murders

Join three longtime friends as they take their annual vacation to Ocracoke Island, a quaint village at the southernmost tip of North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Aleta, the artist, and Kate, the writer, both intend to make it a working vacation. Sarah, the businesswoman, plans to enjoy long days of relaxing on the beach, reading, and rest.

While walking on the beach Sarah catches sight of something floating against the rock jetty – it’s a message in a bottle! The handwritten confession inside includes a major clue to some horrendous murders and leads the three friends into an investigation that spans three generations!

Today Buffalo City sits unrecognizable, quietly absorbed back into the swampy Carolina low country, which conceals all its secrets. Now a ‘ghost town’ in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, it was once a thriving community of thousands of people and home to a prosperous logging industry.

During Prohibition, Buffalo City’s economy took a downturn and their main export shifted from lumber to a world-famous rye whiskey called “East Lake Moonshine.” Some dangerous men and four mysterious deaths are connected to this business.

At the heart of the mystery is a man named Virgil Timm0ns, who claims to be a good man caught in a bad situation. Is he the innocent that he makes himself out to be? Or was he actually deeply involved in the murders of two men and the disappearance of two innocent young girls? A former Pinkerton detective is called in and searches for the truth.

Take this vacation along with Sarah, Aleta and Kate and discover the clues they find; then make your own decision about Mr. Virgil Timmons.