Longview Legacy

Longview Legacy is the compelling story of the women in a modern family – and that family’s secret past.

Fraternal twin sisters, Beth and Emily, have had opposite personalities since birth, and over the years they’ve drifted in very different directions. They are unexpectedly pushed back together by the tragic death of their beloved Aunt Liz.

Liz’s strange final request to them forces them to work as sisters again for a short time, whether they like it or not. Longview, the old family plantation house, becomes the setting for an amazing discovery.

As their story unfolds, they discover old documents together with a secret room in the old house, and evidence of a family secret which has been, for over 150 years, considered shocking, illegal, and something to be hidden away.

What do the sisters do with this secret? Should anyone know, and who can they tell? If the secret is revealed, what will become of their family? And of Longview, the old plantation house and their beloved family home?

Beth, who’s never had time for love, wants to find love before it’s too late, but has love already found her and she just can’t see it?

Follow Beth and Emily, as they return to northern Georgia to find the answers to those questions, and learn their secrets, both past and present. Immerse yourself in two stories, a novel-within-a novel!