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A Message from Sharo Dickerson

Founder & Chief Education Officer
InnovateEd by sharodickerson: Empowering Creativity, Leadership, and Education Excellence, LLC

As the founder of InnovateEd by sharodickerson, education is the cornerstone of advancement and development in every society. As a dynamic and forward-thinking consultancy, I support and promote the positive transformation of educational institutions, educators, and learners through innovative methodologies and best practices that foster and sustain creativity, leadership development, and a pursuit of academic excellence. My mission is to shape the future of education by providing personalized solutions focused on active learning best practices, critical thinking and creative processes, meaningful and impactful leadership, and culturally responsive and sustaining teaching and learning that address the evolving challenges and opportunities faced by educational stakeholders in today's rapidly changing world.

Our Vision

We visualize a world where education transcends traditional boundaries, empowers learners to explore their creative potential, and transforms education leaders to be courageous, inspire, and guide others with unwavering excellence.

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"Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought." 

- Albert Einstein

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