Zero Here Campaign

Zero Here Campaign- will be discussed at our first community meeting. Zero Here is a campaign spearheaded by Share Hope through Art that is aimed at having the local community work together to reach zero deaths of despair under the belief that it takes a community to change a community. We want ZERO suicides, ZERO overdoses, ZERO deaths to excessive alcohol/ driving, ZERO deaths to unnecessary violence, ZERO deaths to hunger/ lacking clean water. We hope this campaign can launch the message that we care about each person, we want each person to get help if they need help, we want to make sure there is therapeutic beneficial help in each community. We want to break the stigma around mental/ behavioral/ neurodivergent struggles. We want to open our eyes to the struggles around the world. We want each person to take a step on their personal healing journey. We believe every community should work together to reach this goal/ help each other and that we are all part of a bigger picture, global team. This campaign is spearheaded by Share Hope through Art and I hope to soon have a core group dedicated locally and many connected globally to share the word that we want Zero Deaths of Despair!

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I hope this campaign my lead someone to get help in their darkest of days, for someone to realize they can sponsor a child and change a life around the world, for people to be a little more kind because they realize many are struggling. I hope communities can work together around the world.