Crap Happens Philosophy is for teens and older that have the capacity to understand analogies and desire to think critically for themselves.  This is not a book for literal closed-minded people who know everything.  Book has material from author's Sociology, Psychology, Human Behavior Series, Paradigms of Clinical Social Work, Social Work and Social Action courses. 

There are now children book series that stem from more mature content into a child age-appropriate books further down on this page on  J. K. Viers - Books and Publications Spotlight | Lulu 

Sequel to "Everyone has a Backpack" by J.K. Viers is in progress.  While the sequel is in progress, I wanted to share links to information on how many famous people have struggled with serious issues and often flourished. As we know not all famous people flourish since there are suicides, overdoses, and perpetual mental/ behavioral health occurrences, I hope this launches meaningful talks on the importance of our decision and action to get help and work on our healing.  

You are not alone even famous people have backpacks:

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