Submissions Wanted

Share Hope through Art is a grassroots suicide/ overdose prevention non-profit under the Community Foundation of Carroll County located in Maryland, USA. Our outreaches aim to use many forms of art to share hope to combat despair and encourage people to take a step on their healing journey.

There are 7 chapters in our First Community Book!!!! We will be ongoing accepting more submission and if enough submissions chapters can be turned into a mini-series in the future. FYI- There is no guarantee that your submission will be included in a future book or if future books will indeed launch, it honestly depends on all of you, the public. Books are an effort to share hope, involve many people in our mission to share hope. *Positive affirming coloring book page designs wanted too!!!!

By submitting you are allowing Share Hope through Art permission to publish in any future book and include the name you want listed. If you are under 18, you need a legal guardian to sign. Each contributor owns their own copyright for their personal works, submitting artist gives this organization has permission to use.

Share Your Story & Wellness Tools- all ages welcome! Share your personal story including wellness tools, what has worked for you, your meditation, so many other areas that have helped you personally overcome hardship, lessons learned, words of encouragement. If your story, please ensure no one is identifiable if in a negative light, write anonymously, change names, etc.

2050- all ages welcome! Write the future you want for 2050 and how we got there. This is a short fictional chapter stories book. If we get enough uplifting submissions, would be great to publish as a fundraiser to Share Hope through Art and split with a worldwide non-profit that helps meet basic needs we vote on. Please email to with submission page below.

"I have a Dream"- all ages welcome! Inspired by Transcript of Martin Luther King's 'I Have a Dream' speech : NPR . Please email to with submission page below. This can be 1 page, 1 line, or longer.

Imagination- all ages welcome! Creativity, imagination, art without rules, is in shortage. A book for all of those who do not fit into a pre-existing box to have freedom to create and be imaginative. We are hoping enough submissions to create a chapter in a future book or launch a community book series. From comics to abstract art to other ideas that don't fit into any other category on this site, please consider submitting your own work.