Memorial Keepsakes

As a therapist, Judith can utilize all or any of the below tools for her clients. Please contact to set up an appointment if you are going through a loss and believe keepsakes will help in your healing process.  You must be willing to come to Maryland at this time.  Loss has many stages; one stage is acceptance and often wanting to preserve your loved one's memories, legacy.  As a therapist, I am very honored to help preserve memories, legacy of your loved one.  The bookmarks are laminated, and books can be kept in the family throughout the generations.  There is no conflict of interest with having more than one therapist as well other than often you cannot schedule services on the same day. 

Memorial Keepsakes started in 2014 with a button with a man's face and words "a beautiful soul will never be forgotten" which was requested by individual's significant other.  Since February 2021, buttons, bookmarks, and cards for loss have been shared. There is no cost, but donations accepted to continue.  To Share Hope through Art during times of grief is very important because loss is very difficult.  Personally, my mental health was negatively affected by loss in my own personal life so an outreach that is very important to me personally. 

More Examples.  I don't use personalized examples online. Please email if you are interested in designing a memorial bookmark, card, button.  Donations greatly appreciated once you have received it. 

Love Lives On shirt is at available at Love Lives On | Bonfire.  If you want me to add a photo, name, make changes, please email

Shirt comes in 8 different styles with a variety of colors, if you want a different color or style, please let me know.