Parents in Scouting

In Boy Scouts, leaders and parents provide support. The Scouts plan the meetings and events. We, the parents, help with guidance, resources, and support. It is very tempting to jump in when your son or another boy is struggling. Our leaders are trained in coaching and in providing enough support so the struggle turns into a learning experience. Our objective is to teach them teamwork and leadership. The Senior Patrol Leader, his assistants and the individual Patrol Leaders lead the troop. The troop operates by the "patrol method" using the patrol of 3-8 boys as the core operational element. If your son has questions, they are first directed to the Patrol Leader and then the Senior Patrol Leader. If you are patient and just sit back and watch you will see an amazing transformation.

A fundamental principle of Scouting is that troops be Boy Led. However, in order for the Scouting program to be successful, parents need to be involved. It doesn’t matter whether your job is big or small, help is needed from every adult. There are many different roles to fill and ways to contribute. We need your help, supporting an activity, teaching a skill and helping with advancement. Your involvement can be as expansive or as limited as your schedule allows but we encourage you to get involved. We require that all parents register with the Troop/BSA in order to go on trips and that they take BSA Youth Protection Training online.

Adopted from Marin Council Troop 59