Merit Badge Counselors

Introduction to Merit Badge Counseling

The Counselor's role is to join fun with learning by being a teacher and mentor as Scouts work merit badges. Most counselors will find topics related to their industry or backgrounds which makes it easy to teach on the topic.

After a Scout expresses interest in a badge, a Leader will connect the Scout and Counselor through Scoutbook and provide the Scout with a blue card. The blue card is used as proof of working on requirements and completing the badge so it is important the scout has this at all times. The Counselor and Scout work together on creating a schedule for when to meet and discuss short/long term goals in order to complete the badge in a timely manner. As a reminder, all meetings must have another adult or scout present to follow BSA guidelines. After each requirement is completed, the Scout would review this with the Counselor and get the blue card signed off. Once all the of the requirements are completed, the Counselor signs off the card and the Scout takes this to his leader for awarding.


To become a Merit Badge Counselor, you must be 18 years of age and have a good rapport with leaders and scouts. All adults need to take the Youth Protection Training and fill in a adult application. Below you will find the process for taking the YPT:

1. Go to My.Scouting

2. Enter your login name and password.

3. On the opening page of, click on the Youth Protection logo.

4. On the homepage of the BSA Learn Center view the welcome video from Chief Scout Executive Michael Surbaugh.

5. Select the Youth Protection logo to launch the training.

6. Once completed, a certificate will be emailed to you. Please send this certificate along with the application to your Merit Badge Counselor for processing.