Jeffrey's Natural Pet Foods • North Beach

1841 Powell St.

Twenty years ago, Lynnet Spiegel noticed something missing in the pet food world—good choices. Commercial options seemed restricted to foods that didn't exactly seem like something you'd feed your worst enemy—let alone your best friend—so Lynnet set out to create a more haute cuisine for our pals with paws, raw and organic food that, in itself, is a work of art. And so Jeffrey's Natural Pet Foods was born. Duck into her shop while on the art walk to enjoy special deals for your favorite species and enjoy the gallery of food, snacks, toys, and stylish wardrobe accessories that Lynnet has lovingly curated over the last two decades. Feed 'em raw!

Check out the video below for an introduction to Lynnet and Jeffrey's Natural Pet Foods!

Watch: Owner and pet lover Lynnet Spiegel talks about the art of raw, organic pet food and how she grew her business one paw at a time.