Buenas yan Håfa Adai

Welcome to the Office of Senator Joe S. San Agustin, 35th Guam Legislature

"It’s not about why things can’t be done - it’s the work to make a change. It’s not about the easy way, but the right way. Si Yu’os Må’ase’ and God bless." - Senator Joe S. San Agustin

Sen. San Agustin is chairman of the Committee on General Government Operations, Appropriations & Housing, and the Office of Finance & Budget.

He is a member of the following Committees this term:

  • Health, Tourism, Historic Preservation, Land & Justice
  • Education, Air Transportation and Statistics, Research and Planning
  • Public Accountability, Human Resources and the Guam Buildup
  • Public Safety, Border Safety, Military and Veteran Affairs, Mayors Council, Infrastructure and Public Transit