2nd Workshop on

Seated Virtual Reality & Embodiment

March 28th, 17.00 (UTC+1), co-hosted with IEEE VR 2021, Lisbon

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In this highly interactive workshop we want to discuss topics in the scenario of seated virtual reality, with this year’s edition having a special focus on embodiment. This means next to comfort, postural conflicts & transitions, we also want to investigate the special role of embodied interaction when the user is potentially less engaged: sitting on her/his couch, sofa or office chair, a situation that might have even more often occurred in these times of the pandemic. As last year, we want only a small part of the workshop to be covered by lightning talks to have time for an interactive discussion session.

Seated Locomotion [Zielasko2016]

Self-Motion Perception [Riecke2006]

DeskMenus [Zielasko2019]

NaviChair & NaviBoard [Nguyen-Vo2019]

DeskTravel [Zielasko2019]

DeskVR [Zielasko2017]

Seated Locomotion Comparison [Kitson2017]

LimbicChair: Perch to Fly [Zhang2019]

Upper-body leaning [Kruijff2015]

Leaning gaming chair (Gyroxus) [Riecke2012]