Online Manual

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Here is how to install a blender plugin, and install a .scatpack file.
Few things you should know about blender before getting started.
Everything you need to know about the Scattering operators.
The various particle distribution methods explained.
Mask out areas of your scatter easily with the multiple methods available.
Have complete control over your particles rotation settings and alignment.
Have control over the scale of your particles in various ways.
Add some pattern influencing your particles density/scale with the help of blender texture-data.
All factors related to your terrain surface that can influence your scatter, such as slope or altitude for example.
Influence your particles density/rotation/scale with the proximity of other elements in your scene.
Create dynamic environment that can influence one another.
Offset your particles, push them around, or add falling effects.
Add wind effects on your scattering by tilting your particles.
Optimize your viewport performance.
Have control on how your instances are assigned to your scattered points.
Generate extremely useful vertex data to influence your scatter or shaders.
The manual mode is a fantastic alternative to the procedural workflow of Scatter.
Extra Features Explained