High School Directors

Director Responsibilities:

  • Read Director Handbook for details of participation
  • Assist students in preparation of audition materials and the application process so they may be submitted by the deadline below.
  • Attend all rehearsals and concert as listed on the schedule.
  • Submit a Director Application, carefully listing each student, by the deadline listed.


Choir: September 20st, 4:00pm

How to make a digital audition: Choir

Band: October 24st, 4:00pm

Orchestra: October 17th, 4:00pm

How to make a digital audition: Band and Orchestra


  • High School fees are $45.00 per school per ensemble.
  • Student participation fees are $35.00 per student accepted to the Honors program.
  • Students that fail to complete their commitment to the Honors program will still be charged.
  • Invoices are mailed to each Director, payable to the SJCMEA.