The Past Year For Ken

Since the COVID 19 pandemic started, and Skyline College cancelled in-person classes, Ken Delmar has been working 35-50 hours every week preparing a new course: Afro Cuban Dance - Applied!

Losing the Skyline classes when the pandemic started was a very difficult thing for Ken, as he missed being able to bring the joy of dance to all of his current students and potential new students. However, he decided to make use of the pandemic as a chance to expand his professional knowledge of dance. Ken saw COVID as a gift and opportunity, and he did not waste a single minute.

As the quarantine freed up his time, he began a journey of deep study into the five major African influences on Cuban dance and music. Exploring these new steps, Ken came to appreciate how every step had its own groove, and what started as academic and professional work soon became unimaginable endless fun! Never in his life of dance has Ken been as enamored as he has with these new steps.

Such a deep and independent study would normally require Ken to sacrifice time with friends and family, as well as other activities. However, the Covid quarantine afforded him a chance to do so without making those sacrifices. Ken spent between 35 and 50 hours a week developing this new course, that he now wants to share with you!

Just as Bruce Wayne travelled the world studying Martial Arts, detective skills, and criminology in order to become the Batman, so did Ken train himself during Covid to become a better dance professor! Wayne returned to Gotham ready to use his skills to fight crime. Now Ken returns to Skyline and Cañada ready to bring a whole new world of dance to his students! He hopes you and students old and new will benefit from his training, and experience the wondrous joy and beauty he was able to explore during these unprecedented times.