Tango Argentino


Hello Tango students,

I invite you to participate in this year's winter dance performance at Canada College. I encourage you to practice with us during the rehearsals listed below. The Dance show will be held on Friday, December 9th at 7:30PM.

-Friday, November 4th:

Regular practice in the Theater, Building 3

Optional if you would like to practice in the Theater on stage.


-Thursday, November 17:

Lighting set up and practice in the Theater, Building 3


-Friday, December 9th:

Main run through/rehearsal in the Theater, Building 3

4:00pm arrival (Run through at 4:30pm)

-Friday, December 9th:

Dance show date in the Theater, Building 3


Learn the essence of Argentine Tango (the dance of love, the dance of the earth, and the most sensual dance in the world) Learn basic improvisational skills, musicality and connection between partners. Learn to dance confidently in social settings anywhere in the world.

Class Name: Tango Argentino I, II, III, and IV*

Class Catalogue Name: Dance 161.1, Dance 161.2, Dance 161.3, Dance 161.4

Summer 2022 Semester:

THURSDAYS 6:00pm-9:00pm

Location: Skyline College - Building #3 Room 3201

First Day of Class: 6/16/22

Fall 2022 Semester:

FRIDAYS 6:10pm-9:00pm

Location: Cañada College - Building #1 Room 203

First Day of Class: 8/19/22

To enroll:

1) Search the Class Schedule Catalogue here: https://webschedule.smccd.edu/ for:

Class Catalogue Name: Dance 161.1, Dance 161.2, Dance 161.3, or Dance 161.4

Summer 2022 CRNs: 54835, 53355, 53554, 54112

Fall 2022 CRNs: 97519, 97520, 97521, 97522

2) Add the corresponding CRNs in WebSmart.**

*Note: No matter your dance expertise, sign up for the lowest level possible (Ex: Tango Argentino I instead of Tango Argentino II). This will allow you to sign up for the maximum amount of classes in the future.

**Note: Please sign up as early as possible, but if registration is full, call Ken at 415-468-8000 or attend the first few days of classes.

Here are some photos of the beautiful new dance room at Cañada College! Here is where we shall all Tango: