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Recent Testimonials

I learned a lot from your beginning class and practicing the dance once in a while at the social dances. My friends who knows Argentine Tango were amazed of how much I learned from your class. Keep up the good work--you encouraged your students that they can dance. Goodluck.

Fran Cruz

To say that Natasha and Ken teach dance lessons is truly an understatement. They are ambassadors of wellness for the body, mind, and soul. Their lessons are interspersed with an interactive lightheartedness, and attention to detail; truly they embody their mission statement "to share a love for dancing. For me the Joy has been in the Journey. As Ken and Natasha say "Tango has nothing less to offer than a lifetime of joy. "Don't worry, just dance!"

William M. Ward

I thoroughly enjoyed Ken's beginning class at Skyline College and plan to take the next step, I mean, class. Ken's teaching style was laid back, methodical and he was so patient with the students. Learning was never so much fun.


My wife and i took the Tango class because a friend asked us to go with her. We are so glad we did. We are having so much fun learning to dance. Ken is great. He is very easy going, friendly ,funny and a very good teacher. WE loved the first classes so much we came back for more.

Bob and Pauline

How's this, Ken: I've been studying Argentine Tango with Ken for two years, and have enjoyed every minute. His passion for the dance; respect for tradition and discipline; and playful spirit always make for rich, challenging, and fun classes. And his tanguero style of teaching prepared me very well for dancing in the Milongas of Buenos Aires. In fact, while there, my milonguera technique was praised a handful of times by some of the Portenos, with some surprise, I might add! I owe that entirely to Ken.


"Ken makes the tango class enjoyable and so much fun. He is very sensitive to the students' learning needs and encourages students to learn tango to the best of their ability without pressure. He also creates a very friendly and conducive to learning class environment. I strongly recommend his tango class to anybody." If you still need more testimonial, just let me know. Thanks for asking me.


Ken is a fantastic tango instructor. He teaches both the foundation and complexities of the dance with clarity, patience and grace. He is literally an ideal instructor, and I would take any dance class taught by him, tango or otherwise. He is born to dance and teach dance.

Megan Levitt, Foster City, CA

We have been taking tango with you for the second year now, and I have to say, that we enjoy it tremendously. You make it such a fun class, even doing simple exercise can be very enjoyable. We always look forward to our "tango night", even if we feel tired or "not in the mood" going to the class changes it all. After the class all worries seem to go away. Thank you Ken for teaching tango with such passion and enthusiasm, I and Mark plan to continue taking classes for as long as we can move. With sincere appreciation,

Marina and Mark Beylin

We have been dancing with Ken since 2005. Initially we approached Ken to choreograph our wedding dance and we began taking classes. We successfully choreographed a wedding dance, but decided that we wanted to continue studying tango with Ken. Ken is a enormously talented and inspirational dancer who brings into tango the rigor of his training as a professional ballet dancer. He has an uncanny ability to communicate with students at all levels. His background as a dancer allows him to understand the movements and deconstruct the tango into small digestible steps that leads to effective learning. Additionally, Ken is a kind, patient, and charismatic person and is a pleasure to work with. Ken communicates his passion for teaching and dancing to his students and he is extremely hard working. We have prepared for a number of performances with him and he has always been committed to the success of the performance. Moreover, he he loves Tango and he strives to teach his students to dance with integrity and purity and to bring joy to the tango.

Laura and Guillermo Elias

I have been taking tango classes with Ken for almost two years now. The classes are well structured and I particularly like that Ken teaches us how to dance to the different kinds of tango music. As we progress with our dancing, we benefit from Ken's large repertoire of steps, and also from his contacts in the international tango world through exciting guest teachers.

Ana Helena