Ken Delmar

Artistic Director


A native of San Francisco, Ken Delmar studied under Harold Christensen and Roberta Meyer at the San Francisco Ballet School. During his teenage years, he was Richard Gibson's protage, principal dancer, and wunderkind of the Bay Area.

After touring the world as principal dancer with five major dance companies, in 1990 Ken unhesitatingly embraced the Tango, studying extensively in Argentina under the most renowned milongueros. In 1995, he took second place in the Buenos Aires Radio Tribu Tango Contest, an unprecedented achievement for an outsider and in 1996, he performed tangos at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC.

Since the 1990's Ken and Natasha have founded the four most important milongas (Tango parties) in San Francisco- Mission Blue Milonga, Monte Cristo, Studio 435 Broadway and Verdi Club. Recently, they founded Tango Soma in San Francisco's famed South of Market community. They are also the creators of the Argentine Tango Program at the Metronome Ballroom.

Ken has danced in castles, amphitheatres, piazzas, palaces, and the most beautiful theatres between San Francisco and the Baltic Sea.

Ken's background as a professional dancer and an early adoptor of the Argentine Tango in San Francisco makes him uniquely qualified to teach Argentine Tango on a variety of levels and styles - from the simple social dance to professional performances. Ken's emphasis on the roots of the dance, technique, and the pure enjoyment of the act of dance has made him a favorite for beginners to start their journey in Argentine Tango. More experienced dancers tired of learning an endless array of steps return to him rekindle their passion for the dance.

Ken Delmar's Dance Career

Here are some highlights from Ken Delmar's Dance Career, from ballet to tango.