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hi, i'm sally

I am a life coach that specialises in parenting and self-esteem. My goal is to help clients prosper both emotionally and mentally either as individuals or in their roles as parents through meaningful connection.

Having worked with hundreds of clients for more than 25 years, I have discovered that a lack of or damage to human connection, whether it be with the self, others or the world, can lead to emotional and mental distress. Through understanding this, my work has been aligned to restore the quality of these connections and help my clients improve the overall quality of their lives.

coaching services

Coaching for personal prosperity

One-on-one coaching sessions that are designed to identify and successfully overcome any barriers you may have to mental and emotional prosperity.

coaching for parenting prosperity

The foundation of my parent coaching is based on strengthening family connections. Together, we will discover a suitable solution to fit your personal family dynamic.

What is coaching?

Life coaching can be described as a conversation based on respect, trust and empathy, and offers a safe environment for self-discovery and self-actualisation.

My personal approach to coaching draws from more than 25 years of experience as a self-esteem facilitator, as well as a strong foundation in Logotherapy. My own personal struggles, meditation and nature have also played a role in shaping my coaching style, which is aimed at helping people thrive despite their past or current circumstances.

THe quiet revolution

The world is a very different place to what it was 20 years ago.

We’re facing a serious climate crisis, technology has disrupted all forms of communication, industrialisation and population growth have led to the destruction of wild spaces, and to top it all off, the Covid-19 pandemic has altered the very fabric of normality. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed by it all, and I can’t help but feel that the universe is crying out for us to subscribe to gentler lives. A gentler way of connecting to ourselves, others and the world around us.

Since October 2020, I’ve committed to helping people along their journey to living gentler lives. Every week, I send out a ‘quiet revolution revelation for your contemplation’. These contain mindful little messages for you to mull over at the end of a long and busy week, reminding you to slow down and honour your mind, body and spirit.

journal entries

My blog is filled with messages on how to grow as a person, and a parent. They will give you the tools to re-connect with yourself, build connections with others, boost your personal confidence and so much more. Why not scroll through the entries and see if any resonate with you?

my vision

I have a dream of creating a quiet revolution that is reflective of our inter-connectedness and the profound sacredness of life. I dream of creating a movement and leaving a legacy. I dream of working with a team of like-minded people who care deeply for this work and find meaning in sharing it with others. I dream that they will bring their unique selves and enlightened ideas, and that together, we continuously improve on the magic that we bring to the quiet revolution. I dream of increasing joy and harmony in this world by giving people an alternative way of connecting to themselves, others and nature. I dream of lighting a pathway towards emotional and mental prosperity on our collective journey towards the Quiet Revolution.

Ready to connect?