Chair of Finance

Radboud University, Nijmegen

The Chair in Finance focuses on research in behavioral finance, experimental finance and behavioral decision making. Members of the chair have recently published in the Journal of Finance, Review of Financial Studies, American Economic Review, Management Science and Review of Finance. Close connections exist to the Society for Experimental Finance.

The chair offers teaching courses in all areas of finance and on all levels. These include risk management, financial regulation, corporate finance, the functioning of financial markets (price formation etc.), financial innovation, and of course behavioral and experimental finance. All members of the chair regularly supervise bachelor's and master's theses.

News/Upcoming events

2020 - 03: Journal of Economic Psychology's special issue Decision Making for Others is published, edited by Sascha Füllbrunn, Wolfgang Luhan and Alan Sanfey.

2020 - 01: Sascha Füllbrunn, Dirk-Jan Janssen, and Utz Weitzel started the research project on alternative financing opportunities for small companies using a multiple methods approach including different data generation procedures, web-research, and interviews. The project is initiated upon request from the Ministry of Finance.

2020 - 01: New publication: Füllbrunn, S., Luhan, W. & Sanfey, A. (2020). Current Issues in Decision Making for Others. Journal of Economic Psychology

2019-12: New publication: Füllbrunn, S., Nicklisch, A. & Neugebauer, T. (2019). Underpricing of initial public offerings in experimental asset markets. Experimental Economics

2019-11: New publication: Ghesla, C., Grieder, M., Schmitz, J., & Stadelmann, M. (2020). Pro-Environmental Incentives and Loss Aversion: A Field Experiment on Electricity Saving Behavior. Energy Policy

2019-11: New publication: Borsboom, C. & Zeisberger, S. (2020). What makes an investment risky? An analysis of price path characteristics. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization

2019-10: We welcome Jan Schmitz as new assistant professor in our team!

2019-10: New publication: Holzmeister, F., Huber, J., Kirchler, M., Lindner, F., Weitzel, U. & Zeisberger, S. (forthcoming). What Drives Risk Perception? A Global Survey with Financial Professionals and Lay People, Management Science

2019-10: New publication: Janssen, D.-J., Füllbrunn, S. & Weitzel, U. (2019). Individual Speculative Behavior and Overpricing in Experimental Asset Markets. Experimental Economics

2019-09: In an 'experimental garden' session at Radboud University, Sascha Füllbrunn will let students experience how decision-making processes in practice often deviate from theory and why this is the case. More information here.

2019-09: New publication: Huber, J., Palan, S., Zeisberger, S. (2019). Does Investor Risk Perception Drive Asset Prices in Markets? Experimental Evidence. Journal of Banking & Finance

Recent past events (selection)

Five new innovative education 'proeftuinen' (experimental gardens) were awarded during a festive meeting on 13 June. All the winners will start working on their project in the area of ICT in education in the new academic year. The proeftuinen are facilitated by the ICT in Education programme. One of the winners is Dr Sascha Füllbrunn, Associate Professor of Financial Economy.

Experiential learning

Dr Sascha Füllbrunn will use his proeftuin for “learning by reflecting on what has been done”. In several of the courses within the Economy degree programme, the influence of behavioural prejudice or literacy (financial, risk, graphical) on human decision making is discussed.

Students now learn from theories, but with his proeftuin, Füllbrunn wants to create an environment in which students can experience situations in which they are required to make decisions. Depending on the decision taken, the student will receive feedback. This confronts them with the decision-making process that is related to the theory. This way, the student will gain a better understanding of where the decision-making deviates from optimal behaviour and will hopefully experience a “Eureka! moment”.

In July 2018 the Nijmegen School of Management organized a conference on Decision Making for Others. 40 researchers from all over the world participated in a multidisciplinary exchange of ideas and experiences. The conference served as a good start to advertise the special issue on Decision Making for Others at the Journal of Economic Psychology, to be published in 2019.

More information: DMfO Conference

In June 2015 Radboud University was hosting the Experimental Finance conference in Nijmegen in cooperation with the Society for Experimental Finance. Keynote speakers were Bruno Biais and Nobel Prize winner Vernon Smith.