Experimental Lab

To understand financial decision making we make use of the Method “Experimental Finance”. Therefore, we run controlled laboratory experiments in our IMR Laboratory which is located in the Elinor Ostrom Building on the Radboud University campus. The Individual Decision Lab contains 48 cubes equipped with state of the art notebooks at which subjects make financial decisions alone or in groups (, or trade in experimental asset markets. In line with the method, students get paid based on performance. The experimental lab, next to online experiments, is our main source of data generation. In contrast to secondary data like asset market returns/prices or trader bids and asks, which is not generated for scientific purpose, we are able to generate data related to the research question at hand to make causal inferences with high internal validity. Additionally, we are able to elicit subject related information (habits, preferences, personality traits) which is not available in secondary data sets.

A research community interested in the research method is the Society for Experimental Finance.

For students interested in participating in experiments: Student subject pool registration

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