Traffic Engineering and Road Safety

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Oops - wrong concept: a replacement bridge not widened to the full width of both approach roads. No initial road safety audit was done.

Road Safety Audits

The ingredients you need most are experience and an eye for detail

Many have nailed up their shingle to say 'I'm a Road Safety Auditor'. Few have enough of the right experience.

The future levels of safety on our roads depend on how much road safety engineering experience is input at the design stage.

Rob Morgan has over 40 years experience - from local traffic schemes to arterial road layouts and major freeway projects. He not only understands how vehicles can interact, he understands road user behaviour - how pedestrians, riders and drivers respond to road layouts and traffic schemes.

Reports that provide useful advice

Rob Morgan has frequently been thanked for providing road safety audit reports and crash investigation reports that:

  • identify all the pertinent issues

  • get to the actual causes of the problems

  • give useful, detailed advice (not vague comments)

  • are provided on time

A number of times Rob has been also called in to re-audit new projects that were originally audited by others - or not audited at all - and where safety problems arose as soon as the project opened.

Road Safety Engineering

Rob Morgan is one of Australia's most experienced road safety engineers.

He is a Senior Road Safety Auditor, accredited in Victoria and Queensland.

He has conducted hundreds of road safety audits and accident blackspot crash investigations.

Rob is the principal author of:

- Austroads' Road Safety Audit Guidelines (Originally 1994, then 2002, 2009 and the current 2019 edition (Austroads guide AGRS 6A))

- Austroads' Guide on Treatment of Crash Locations (Originally 2004, then 2009 and current 2015 edition (Austroads guide AGRS 8)

Over the past 25 years Rob has presented at road safety engineering workshops in all Australian states and territories. In these workshops he is usually the lead presenter. Rob has also been invited to present at workshops in the U.K. and the U.S.A.

Understanding the research that leads to safer roads

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An audit to fix a dangerous roundabout design - after it opened

Understanding the safety needs of cyclists in a major project design

Traffic Engineering,

plus Traffic Signs Expertise

Rob Morgan has over 40 years experience in traffic engineering, road safety engineering and transport planning - including nine years in local government and three years in the UK as a route location and traffic engineer with a New Town development corporation. He is the principal author of numerous state and national standards and guidelines.

Since 1984 he has been an active member of the Standards Australia committee responsible for AS 1742, the Manual of uniform traffic control devices (MUTCD). He has had a significant input into all sections of the MUTCD, and has been the driving force behind:

  • AS 1742.11 Parking Controls, 1989, 1999 and 2016. Rob was the principal designer of Australia's standard symbol-based parking control signs, introduced in 1989.

  • AS 1742.5 Street Name Signs, 1997 and 2017. An under-rated standard that includes advice on sign design, legibility and positioning, as well as a specification for ordering these signs.

  • AS 1742.15 Direction Signs - the major 2019 update and revision. At Rob's instigation, this update contains much new information, including freeway-to-freeway interchange signing.

To see more of Rob's insights into the links between traffic signs and road safety, go to 'Signs Can't Fix Poor Design' in 'The Oops File' section.

Rob Morgan's Safety Star System (Go to Free Downloads for an A4 size copy)

Beyond the Safe System

Effective road safety action needs much more than the Safe System's preoccupation with lower speed limits and kinetic energy - and looking only at fatal and serious injury crashes.

Fatal and serious injury crashes are just 1% of all crashes on Australia's roads.

The Safe System's focus on only fatal and serious injury crashes is likely to result in fewer fatal and serious injury crash problems being eliminated than if we look at all crashes.

At the core of the Safe System is the kinetic energy issue: the limits of the human body to withstand impact forces in a vehicle collision.

This is only half the story. So much of what experienced road safety engineers investigate (e.g. in road safety audits and crash investigations) is about 'the limits of the human mind' to withstand complexity and to process information.

In his 2018 book 'Safe System or Stalinist System? Road Safety at Any Cost', Rob Morgan not only debunks the fallacies in the Safe System, but also develops his alternative road safety framework,

This acknowledges all the elements that the Safe System ignores, including the role of road user behaviour. See Rob's book or download the free 2018 conference paper on the topic.

Check out more ways Rob Morgan's extensive traffic engineering and road safety engineering experience can help you - go to the Oops File page

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