Fraser Island, Qld

Fraser Island (K'gari) in southern Queensland, Australia is World Heritage-listed.

It is the world's largest sand island (1,840 in area), 123 km north to south and 22 km wide.

The wreck of the MV Maheno provides many photo opportunities

Dingo mother and child

King Ferns near Central Station

Waddy Point rocks

Coastal grasses

Tukkee Sand Dunes

Forest near Waddy Point

Orchid Beach

Native grasses


Orchid Beach tracks

Patterns at Lake Boomanjin

Eucalypt flowers

Banksias in late afternoon light

Dingo on the prowl

Waddy Point rocks and pool

Boat and west coast beach

Indian Head (Tukkee Wurroo)

Happy face

Turtles in Lake Allom

Boat passing Awinya Creek Beach

Banksia flower

Weather patterns - Awinya Creek Beach

Trees near Bowarrady Creek Beach

Birds on the thirds

Happy landing, Orchid Beach

East coast beach reflections

More native grasses

Pay attention !


Trees at Lake Boomanjin

Rocks near Bowarrady Creek Beach

Dingo at the Maheno

Awinya Creek horizontal abstract

Beach patterns, Awinya Creek

More patterns at Lake Boomanjin

Fallen tree, Pile Valley

Tree patterns, Lake Boomanjin

Forest east of Lake Allom

Lake McKenzie (Boorangoora)

Twisted trees at Lake Boomanjin

Tyre tracks on the beach

West coast abstract