& South Georgia Island

Part 1: The Antarctic Continent

Dawn at Almirante Brown Base

Almirante Brown Base (Argentine)

Almirante Brown Lagoon

Iceberg in Paradise

'Penguin Wall' - beside Paradise Harbour

Paradise Harbour Berg Reflection

Paradise Harbour Panorama

Almirante Brown Base: looking to Bryde Island

Gentoo Penguin Colony , Paradise Harbour

Flying Bergs at Neko Harbour

Neko Harbour

Andvord Bay Late Evening

Dirty Berg, Neko Harbour

Porpoising Penguin in Neko Harbour

Neko Harbour Reflections

Near Andvord Bay

Neko Harbour

Early Summer Icicles

Mountain at Andvord Bay

Prospect Point

Part 2: Antarctic Islands

Antarctic Arch, Detaille Island

(Gold Medal winning image, 2010 VIGEX International Print Salon)

Detaille Island, south of the Antarctic Circle

Debris on Deception Island

Looking to the Deception Island Hangar

Cat Mountain from Yalour Islands

Old Oil Tanks, Deception Island

Old Building, Deception Island

Iceberg off Cuverville Island

Graveyard on Deception Island

Deception Island Lagoon

Elephant Seal Sandwich, Hannah Point, Livingston Island

Penguin Parade, Danco Island

Penguin Island

Cuverville Island Shoreline

Cuverville Island Berg

Akademik Vernadsky Ukraine Base, Galindez Island (formerly UK Faraday Base): the spectrophotometer that first identified the hole in the ozone layer

The Shackleton Monument at Point Wild on Elephant Island

At Melchior Islands

Part 3: South Georgia Island

Peggotty Bluff and King Haarkon Bay

King Penguins, Salisbury Plain

Drygalski Fjord

Puppy Love, Peggotty Bluff

King Penguins, Peggotty Bluff

Peggotty Bluff Landscape

Undine Harbour

King Penguin Pair, Salisbury Plain

Salisbury Plain Penguin Rookery

Beach Patrol, Salisbury Plain

Undine Harbour Evening Skyscape

Purvis Glacier, Possession Bay

Possession Bay

'A short walk' from Maiviken to Grytviken

At the saddle from Maiviken, looking to Grytviken

Grytviken Overview

Petrel at Grytviken

Macaroni Penguins, Cooper Bay

Larsen Harbour Reflections

Ice Cave in Larsen Harbour