The (Traffic Engineering) OOPS! File

Is it really OK to overtake, approaching the crest on this new project?


(- or how to avoid 'Oops!')

"We shouldn't have designed it that way" "We shouldn't have built it that way"

"How come someone is suing us because they were injured on the road?"

"Now we have to spend more time and money fixing it up, after we paid someone to design it properly!"

You can avoid saying any of these

by getting me involved in your project at an early stage.

Asking an experienced road safety engineer saves time and money.

“Why worry? We can fix it up with signs, later”

I’m sorry, but poor design can never be fixed up with extra signs later

Here are some areas where I have expertise and experience that can help you:

- Training

- Road Safety Audits - casting a critical and experienced eye over road and traffic designs

- Road safety audits of Roadwork Traffic Guidance Schemes

- Help with Signs and Line Marking

- Crash Assessments and Investigations

Let me provide you with some details on these items. Go to the details on Ways I Can Help You

After that, I include some examples where I was called in too late (after a crash happened), or not early enough (remedial work had to take place), together with some issues that are not being dealt with at all (the ticking time bomb factor) . . .

Don't use a crossroad warning sign on an approach that has a Give Way sign or a Stop sign (see AS 1742 Part 2)

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