Modern Travels on the Ancient Silk Road

The Silk Road trading route extended westward from Luoyang (east of Xi'an) in present day Henan Province, China, through the Hexi Corridor in Gansu Province. Near Dunhuang it split. One route went south of the Taklimakan Desert, while another went to the north of the desert (the route I took). They rejoined at Kashgar (in Xinjiang Province, China), the most westerly part of China. Routes from here went over the mountains to Kyrgyzstan or via Afghanistan and Iran to Ctesiphon, near present day Baghdad in Iraq, the notional end of the Silk Road. Here, other trading routes came from the Middle East. At Turpan in northern Xinjiang Province, China another part of the Silk Road went via Urumqi into northern Kyrgyzstan. Trading routes met near Tashkent and went north or south of the Caspian Sea. The route to the south was part of the Silk Road.

This Gallery is a work in progress. It currently contains images along the Silk Road in China. Future additions will include Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

Part 1: Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China

Pingyao, halfway between Xi'an and Beijing (actually in Shanxi Province)

The Terracotta Warriors, near Xi'an

Huimin Street, Muslim Quarter, Xi'an

Xi'an City Walls

Mr Yang in 2016. In 1974 he discovered the Terracotta Warriors

Part 2: Gansu Province, China

At Bing Ling Thousand Buddha Caves

In a Linxia Laneway

Prayer wheels on the 3 km kora around Labrang, Xiahe

Labrang Tibetan Buddhist Monastery, Xiahe

He Ain't Heavy (Labrang)

River view at Sangke, west of Xiahe

Prayer wheel, Labrang, Xiahe

Pull the Other One, Gangweidao village

Rural road near Gangweidao

At Sangke

The so-called 'western end' of the Great Wall at Jiayuguan

Holding it together at Jiayuguan Fort

Jiayuguan Fort

Yippee! School's out! Dunhuang

Crescent Lake Pavillion, near Dunhuang

Modern trails over the Singing Sand Dunes, near Dunhuang

Remnants of an ancient mud brick section of the Great Wall, north of Dunhuang

Dune Duo, Sand dunes near Dunhuang

Playing Xiang Qi, Dunhuang

Camel trains, Singing Sand Dunes, Dunhuang

Part 3: Xinjiang Province, China

Jiaohe (200 BC to 1400 AD), near Turpan

A corridor in a mosque, Turpan

The Heavenly Lake, near Urumqi

Subashi ruins, near Kuqa

Maulana Ashiddin Mazar (mosque), Kuqa

Approaching Kuqa from the north

Laneway in a traditional part of Kuqa

Sun, clouds and mountains, north of Kuqa

The Muzart River at Cha'Erqizhen

Traffic Control, Aksu

Painted mountains, east of Gulelukexiang

In the back streets of Kashgar

At the Grand Bazaar, Kashgar

Bakery in the back streets of Kashgar

Sister and brother, Kashgar

Conversations, Kashgar

Hot Wheels in Kashgar

Friendly butcher, Kashgar

Look familiar? Sunday Livestock Market, Kashgar

In the only remaining original mud brick quarter of Kashgar

A corner, mud brick quarter of Kashgar

Local shop, mud brick quarter, Kashgar

Butcher at the Sunday Livestock Market, Kashgar

Back street near the Id Kar Mosque, Kashgar

Food stall in the back streets, Kashgar

At the Livestock Market, Kashgar (1)

At the Livestock Market, Kashgar (2)

At the Livestock Market, Kashgar (3)

Camels for sale at the Livestock Market, Kashgar

At the Livestock Market, Kashgar (4)