Rob Cairns

London, Ontario, Canada


During our time away from being able to rehearse I gave some thought as to what we might be able to do to still play handbells. I decided to deliver handbells to each person's home and then provide some music and recordings to use to rehearse. If you are interested in finding out more click the link:



I've been experimenting with various ways to work with choirs online. I have done one experiment with our church choir, and a different online experiment with the youth choir. I would also like to try doing something with the children's choir! Below are the details.

Styc - Choir@Home

COmpositions & Arrangements

On this webpage I have made available through a Creative Commons License the compositions and arrangements that I have been working on over the last while. Please feel free to download and use anything that is here.

You will find PDF copies of the music and under that a midi sound file so that you may hear the composition. (Sometimes even actual live performances!) On a computer or an iPad the sound files work quite well. On a phone the file will open in a separate link, so it is not quite as smooth.

There is also a form you can fill out if you are using any of the music. This is not a requirement, but rather just a way for me to know where the music is being performed.

Please enjoy listening! I will work on adding things as I have a chance to write more music.

Mmmm ... Cheese!

2019 - Styc at Gouda Cheese Market, The Netherlands