River Run Christian Church's Worship and Creative Art's ministry connects people with the relevant message of Jesus Christ. Our services are designed to be multi-sensory, meaning we try to involve people’s heart, mind, and soul in understanding the message for the day through music, media, theatre, and various other art forms. People learn to express their love for God in different ways and we help them through the arts.

The music in our services is intentionally slanted in the contemporary direction, but we still have a love for the ancient hymns, and traditions of the past. We believe the message of Christ will never change, but the ways you present the message change with every generation.

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We offer several opportunities for those who would like to be involved in the Worship & Creative Arts Ministry at River Run. Because artistic ministry is skill-based, most teams require at least modest experience, while some teams require high levels of technical expertise.

  • Technical: The tech team at River Run communicates important messages with tools that are familiar to our culture and community. We have a team committed to excellence. We are always eager to add: Audio Engineers, Operators of Computer based Lighting, Stage design and build outs, Digital media and custom video creators, Video Camera Operators, Video Editors, etc.

  • Musicians: This ministry utilizes talent in a wide variety of worship styles. Our praise band is focused on exalting God and inviting Him to center stage each week. Musicians are selected based on a heart for worship, playing ability and experience.

  • Vocalists: The lead vocal team is selected based on a passion for worship, vocal ability, and experience.

  • Drama: This ministry exists to creatively deliver dynamic presentations which help others experience the love and power of Christ. Anyone interested in Acting, Costume Design, Prop Team, and Set Design/Construction are welcome to join us.

*Please Note: Various levels of commitment are required for the numerous areas of our worship ministry. All areas require an interview. Some areas require a stress-free audition. Some areas require training.