Academic Commitees

What is an Academic Committee?

The Academic Committee program is geared towards pharmacy students in their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd professional years.  It consists of multiple committees for a variety of courses that students take during these years, such as Pharmaceutics, Compounding, Drugs & Diseases, and more!

Our Academic Committee Head Chairs 

The Academic Committee Head Chairs are assigned to courses through an application process in which they are selected based on their conveyed interest in the program, as well as their academic standing in the course(s) that would like to lead.  The main responsibilities of the Head Chairs include holding review sessions, providing study materials for students, and being a resource for guidance outside of the classroom.

Fall 2023 Academic Committee Head Chairs and Important Links:


Pharmaceutics I - Ivan Fernandez

Clinical Immunology/Intro to Infectious Diseases - Samia Rahman Adity


Skin & Misc DND - Afeefah Anwar

Infectious DND - Justin Chan & Megan Chau

Cardio/Renal I DND - Jeffrey Lim


Endocrine DND - Francesca Soletti

Oncology DND - Hillary Fu & Sameen Latif

GI/GU DND - Evan Fu