Welcome to 8th Grade!

2021 - 2022

Student Clubs and Activities:


Mario Kart and Nintendo Switch!

Investment Club

Crew Ambassadors

Every Thursday @ 11:30

with Ms. Coburn

Email: coburna@springfieldpublicschools.com

Chess Club

Teacher Late Days

Having Tech Issues?

PHONE:   (866) 552-0486

LIVE CHAT: https://support.customms.com

EMAIL:   studenthelpdesk@springfieldpublicschools.com

School Calendar:

Take a trip to the Library!!

It has its very own website: Click Here!!

Teacher Office Hours M | W | Th - TBD

Mondays - Tobin | Santos

Wednesdays - Pirog | Vega

Thursdays - Bellefeuille | Humanities


All students need a Gmail account for school this year. Pear Deck, via Google Slides, is an interactive instructional tool that teachers will be using to engage all students in the lesson, to monitor student participation, and to check for understanding. In order to facilitate this, we are requiring that all students create a Gmail account with their proper first name and last name. It is recommended that their password be the same as their SPS password, SP and their day of birth (SpMMDDYY). This program will also ensure that students have access to the lesson notes when absent, or if they need to refer back to a particular lesson.

If you have any concerns, please reach out to our 8th grade level administrator, Mr. Pear at peard@springfieldpublicschools.com.

Important Documents for Families

Habits of Work, Virtual Norms and Consistencies, Daily Schedule, and Materials

Student Packet / Paquete para estudiantes


The attached packet contains information and paperwork that requires parent/guardian attention and/or signature. It is important that parents/guardians read these pages and return the appropriate forms to your child's school. The information will inform the school and school district about your wishes regarding specific matters.



El paquete adjunto contiene informaciön y documentos que requieren la atenciön y/o firma del padre/tutor. Es importante que los padres/tutores lean estas päginas y que devuelvan las mismas a la escuela de su hijo/a. Estos documentos serén utilizados para informar a la escuela y el distrito escolar acerca de sus deseos con respecto a asuntos especificos.

Digital Habits of Work - see Grading tab

Virtual Norms and Consistencies

Virtual Norms and Consistencies

This document explains the school-wide consistencies we will follow in the virtual classroom.

Student Materials

This is a list of materials students should have with them at the start of every class - it counts for HOW1!

Submitting Work on Unified Classroom

  • In this video students will learn how to access assignments and submit completed work in Unified Classroom.

Please Read: Laptop Task and Survey

Hey 8th Grade Families!

We want to make sure every student has a functioning laptop before the first day of school, so we are asking you to plug in your laptop, turn it on, log in, and make sure you are able to connect to Wi-Fi and open Unified Classroom in your web browser.

When you have done this, or tried unsuccessfully to do this, please complete the brief survey so we know who needs tech support.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you are having trouble with your laptop, you need to contact the Student Help Desk through Microsoft Teams. They will help you fix the problem or replace your laptop if it can't be fixed. Replacement laptops are coming from the district IT office at this point, not from Renaissance.

Click the Teams icon on your desktop to open Teams and search for the Student Help Desk. If you don't have a Teams icon on your desktop, you can access Teams by going to office.com and signing into your Microsoft account using your school email as the username (ID#@springfieldpublicschools.com) and your school password. If your laptop isn't working at all, you can access Teams through office.com on any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The Survey: Click Here