Advanced Drug Technologies for the Treatment of Ovarian Cancer

The Cluster for Epigenomic and Antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) Therapeutics (CEAT) aims to advance a group of novel epigenetic drugs and ADCs to tackle ovarian cancer development and progression. CEAT is part of the Welsh Government and Industry backed SMART Expertise project part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

CEAT project key facts:

  • 3 year ERDF funded, SMART Expertise project
  • Total project value worth over £2.6m
  • Collaboration consisting of 6 Partners
  • Swansea University (lead), GSK, Axis Bioservice, GE Healthcare, Porvair Sciences and Bruker

The CEAT project aims to:

  • Advance techniques to identify patients that will benefit from targeted ovarian cancer treatments
  • Identify and characterise epigenetic drugs effective in preventing and treating ovarian cancer
  • Develop novel antibody drug conjugates as a potential new treatment strategy for ovarian cancers sufferers

The CEAT Project Launch took place in Swansea University on 4th February 2019

Left to right top row:

Anna Moberg, GE Healthcare; Lydia Powell, Swansea University; Marcos Quintella, Swansea University; Steve Conlan, Swansea University; Emenike Onyido, SU; Jay Jefferies, Welsh Government; Lewis Francis, Swansea University; Amy Johnson, Porvair Sciences; Catherine Maguire, Axis Bio;

Left to right bottom row:

David James, Swansea University; Jenny Worthington, Axis Bio; Tim Fagge, GE Healthcare; Deya Gonzalez, Swansea University; Zoe Coombes, Swansea University; Julia Davies, Porvair Sciences; Nicky Harker, GlaxoSmithKline.