Incident Photos

Central FF DJ Rock assists a Bay Ridge Fire Fighter with roof ventilation

Fire Police 2 John Kovach keeps watch as Central crews assist Glens Falls Fire at a working structure fire on 6 East Notre Dame Street

Central Firefighters pack up after battling a fire on East Notre Dame Street in Glens Falls

Central Firefighters Andrew Arpaio (right), Richard Empett (middle) and Joseph Geroski (left) watch as firefighters knock down a July 2017 fire on Montray Road

Central FF Mike Legault gathers information on the I-Pad following a 2016 fire on Brown's Path in Queensbury.

Central firefighters work to stabilize a vehicle after a

Tower One in operation at a Fire Alarm at the Aviation Mall

Tower One prepares to fight the flames during a 2016 structure fire on West Notre Dame Street in Glens Falls

Queensbury Central Firefighters douse hotspots after a July 2018 fire on Country Club Road

Central FF Ben Kinne puts water on hotspots after a July 2018 fire on Country Club Road. He is being backed up by FF Brian Kelly

ER-316 stages at the scene of a motor vehicle accident on Aviation Road in August 2018

Central crews assist in cleaning debris after a MVA on Quaker Rd.

Queensbury Central Units stage in front of The 99 Restaurant during a fire alarm activation

FF Craig Friers mans the tower at the scene of a structure fire on Meadowbrook Road in 2016

Tower One goes to work at the scene of an apartment fire in Glens Falls in 2014

Tower One rises above the flames at a 2016 fire in Glens Falls

Queensbury Central crews assist in stabilizing a patient after a MVA on Glenwood Ave

Queensbury Central Fire crews vent the roof of a John Street home after a 2014 structure fire

Central Tower One lends a hand to our brothers in Cobleskill at a mutual aid call for a church fire