Apparatus Archive

Apparatus that have once served the Town of Queensbury

Engine 317

A 1949 FWD with a 500 Gal tank and 800 GPM pump.

Engine 318

In service 1958-1986. A 1957 Chevrolet 250 V8

Ladder 316

1952 75' Maxim Ladder Originally purchased from Glens Falls Fire Department, Glens Falls, NY

sold in 1982 to Ticonderoga Fire Company, Ticonderoga, NY who has since donated it to International Paper Company in Ticonderoga

In service 1960-1982

Engine 319

1963 Howe FWD Defender model HR122.

1250 GPM Waterous Pump

In service 1963-1976

Engine 320

1972 American LaFrance on a ford chassis.

Sold in 1991

Engine 318

1976 Mack CF Quality. Refurbished in 1990. Sold in 2001 to the town of Queensbury.

Brush 119

A 1981 Chevrolet 4WD pickup truck with a Wajax Skid Unit. This unit was primarily used for fighting grass, brush and forest fires. It carries 200 gallons of water and a full compliment of forestry hand tools.

Sold in 2011 to Riverside Fire Department in Riparius, NY and is still in service today as brush 512.

Tower One

1982 Mack/Baker Aerialscope

In service 1982-1989

Sold to Hudson Falls FD, Hudson Falls, NY

Engine 317

1986 Mack/Quality Pumper

Engine 317 – A 1986 engine built by Quality Fire Apparatus on a Mack chassis. It is primarily used for initial fire attack. It has a 1500 gpm pump; it carries 500 gallons of water and has all the necessary equipment to perform forcible entry, attack, ventilation and salvage operations. Engine 317 was completely refurbished in 1995 by J.C. Moore Industries in Fredonia, PA. The jump seat area was completely enclosed, trash lines were added and high side compartments were added to accommodate hand tools and SCBA equipment.

In service 1986-2014. Sold to a private collector in 2014.

Engine 319

1986 Mack/Quality Pumper

Bought brand new as part of a set of twins in 1986-1987. Served from that time until April of 2004 as a front-line attack engine, housed at the Aviation Road Station. Like it's twin sister, Engine 317, Engine 319 was refurbished in early 1996 by J.C. Moore Industries in Fredonia, PA.

Sold in April of 2004 to Tower City Fire Department, Tower City Pennsylvania.

In service 1986-2004

RUF 108

A 1988 Chevy/Saulsbury Rescue-Utility Four Wheel Drive truck (hence the acronym RUF). Renamed to Rescue 118 in 1991 when Warren County instituted a new numbering system for fire apparatus.

Sold to Hudson Falls FD. Presently in service as Attack 584, with West Pawlet VFC, West Pawlet,VT.

Tower One

A 1989 Baker Aerialscope built by Saulsbury Fire Apparatus on a Mack Chassis. It has a 95’ platform. It carries a full compliment of ground ladders, forcible entry tools, ventilation and salvage equipment.

In service 1989-2006

Sold to Churchill FD, Churchill, MD.

Engine 316

1991 Salisbury/Mack

In service 1991-2018

A 1991 combination engine/rescue truck built by Saulsbury Fire Apparatus on a Mack Chassis. It has a 1500 gpm pump, it carries 500 gallons of water, it has a 20-kilowatt PTO driven generator and a complete set of Amkus extrication tools. Used primarily for traffic accidents, fires, and EMS.

This truck was one of the final Mack CF trucks produced.

Sold to La Corporación de Bomberos de Yaguate, Dom. Republic in 2019

Rescue 116

A 1996 Rescue Truck built by Saulsbury Fire Apparatus on an HME SFO chassis. It has a 35-kilowatt generator, a Wilburt light tower and a complete set of Amkus extrication tools. It also is used to carry a large variety of high angle rope rescue equipment.

In service 1996-2014.

Sold to Greenwood VFC, Greenwood,ME.