Incident Archive

Mutual Aid Structure Fire

Main Street, Hudson Falls

August 12, 2002

Firefighter Todd Adams getting ready for a break

Queensbury Central apparatus in operation on side 1 of the building

Firefighter Gary K. Stillman starts a "trench cut" with the new K-12 saw as Assistant Chief Jeff Hirsch gets ready to start at the other end of the roof with a Cutters Edge saw

Firefighter Gary K. Stillman and Assistant Chief Jeff Hirsch taking a breather after completing the trench cut on the roof

Firefighters Mark DeSimone, Dave Rainville, and Todd Adams stand by awaiting orders while the TFT Blitzfire does its work on side 1

Assistant Chief Jeff Hirsch coordinates operations with Firefighter Chris Norton in the platform of Tower 1, as South Queensbury Firefighters look on

Firefighter Scott Congel operating as "dead man" on the turntable of Tower 1, as another firefighter takes a look at the scene from the top of the truck

Queensbury Central Tower 1 and West Glens Falls Tower 4 working together on side 1

Firefighter Scott Congel operates as "dead man" on the turntable of Tower 1

Firefighter Joe Signorelli and Captain Doug Holl stretching a 1 3/4" handline to the second story of side 1

Motor Vehicle Accident

I-87 Northbound "in the dip between 19&20"

October 3, 2003

Firefighters from QCFD and members from multiple agencies work at the scene around the vehicle.

These pictures show the vehicle from the bank leading down to the pond below.

Members from multiple Police, Fire and EMS agencies responded to the incident.

Structure Fire

Haven Lane, Queensbury

November 6, 2002

Due to a power outage in the area, residents were seeking means of heating their residences other than electric. When this resident started a fire in his fireplace to keep his family warm, the heat started a fire in the mantle which subsequently ran up the inside wall into the attic. A quick response, good knockdown and fast/efficient ventilation is what saved this house from being completely destroyed.

Views of the burned wood trusses in the attic space from different areas of the interior of the building.

Assistant Chief Blair Davies checks out side 2 of the structure as two probationary firefighters look on.

Chemical Fumes Permeating the School

Queensbury High School

May 11, 2004

Chief DuPrey talking to the press behind West Glens Falls Rescue, which was brought in as a command area for the Chief to work.

QCFD members setting up ventilation

Structure Fire

Thunderbird Lane, Queensbury

May 13, 2004

Queensbury Central Firefighters stretching handines for an initial exterior attack. Due to the type of construction and pure fuel for the fire, this residence was well involved by the time the first units arrived.

Surprisingly, the integrity of the floor was not a problem, so firefighters were able to enter the structure to investigate, put out hot spots, and investigate the cause of the fire.

Engine 317 and Rescue 116 had a tight fit getting into this driveway.

A probationary firefighter watches operations from a safe distance.