Equity & Resilience

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Our district's vision...

Together, we shall meet the challenges of preparing responsible, creative, life-long learners.

Our program's mission...

In the service of equity and resilience, we cultivate safe and nurturing learning spaces by prioritizing:

  • PREDICTABILITY through structure, routine, repetition, consistency, choice, and a sense of control;

  • RELATIONSHIPS to foster empathy, connection, belonging, voice, and meaningful contribution;

  • REGULATION of emotions, thoughts, attention, and actions to build individual and collective agency and efficacy.

Our program's goals...

Every employee and every student will know they are valued and belong, manage and express their emotions effectively, advocate for themselves, set appropriate boundaries, empathize to develop and maintain caring relationships, communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, and initiate restorative actions.


Understand ...the effects of stress and trauma

Respond ...with awareness, regulation, and advocacy

Provide ...nurturing, engaging, growth-centered teaching and learning

Teach …all to regulate, empathize, advocate, apologize and repair harm, set and achieve goals

Invest ...in the resilience and belonging of each individual


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