Protect Marlhill Copse

Marlhill Copse is a beautiful woodland just off Riverside Park in Southampton. It is under threat from Southampton airport who bought it in 2018 and shortly after revealed plans to reduce the height of 219 trees that it alleged were a threat to air safety [Obstacle Limitation Surfaces]. Some of these trees were to be completely chopped down (around 20 large old pines) whilst others were to be severely crown-reduced (93 by more than 10 metres. It become apparent that the trees were not a threat to air safety but an obstacle to the expansion of Southampton airport - because the trees get in the way of the reduced take off angle required for heavier and more laden planes [Airport expansion]. The type of large jets the airport wants to fly to destinations such as Greece would require a runway extension and reduced tree height at Marlhill.

February-March 2021

Southampton Airport continues to threaten Marlhill Copse

The Monterey Pines in the southern edge of Marlhill Copse have once again been spared from felling by Southampton Airport. The tree license application was heard on 23rd February and the unnecessary felling of the mature trees was refused. A summary of the decisions can be found on the AXO SOU blog.

The application for the extending the runway at Southampton Airport is still open. If passed, this application will lead to more frequent, larger aircraft disturbing the woodland and will probably require the felling of trees to enable a lower Obstacle Limitation Surface.