Exclusive Cleaning for Vacation Rentals - NO Residential or Commercial Cleaning

Offering team cleaning and staging exclusively for short term rental homes. STR technicians are specifically trained to attend to every minute detail from the gleam of a threshold, to the fold of a sheet, to programming locks, assessing WiFi issues, inventorying and procurement of supplies, and dealing directly with guests' questions and needs. The company's 5-star reviews are a combination of exacting detail, highest professional standards, and uncompromising hospitality principles.

PropertySUPERS Difference - What They Offer

A TEAM of dedicated techs trained in restorative cleaning, guest communication, emergency on-call availability, prestay inspections and staging, availability to service back to back bookings, 100% trustworthy, breathe-easy satisfaction knowing you have partnered with experienced award designated STR professionals. 

Servicing Short Term Rental homes in the following areas:

The #1 SUPER Difference

PRESTAYS = Inspecting and staging the property the day of guests' arrival. 

As STR hosts themselves, the founders of propertySUPERS are adamant about inspecting every clean and staging for every guest. Many things can happen between a turn and the next guest's arrival. That's why each tech is trained in not only restorative cleaning techniques specific to hospitality cleaning, but they are also trained and perform a prestay checklist customized for each property through a proprietary app developed by the founders. Having multiple eyes on a property ensures all is at its best for every booking. Is this protocol time consuming? Does this step significantly impact bottom line profits? Absolutely - but it also significantly impacts the guests' experiences and it's the very reason the company is recognized as one of the leading STR cleaning companies in the nation. 

Call today to join the wait list. The company is presently partnering at full capacity. 


Best Fit Properties & Hosts

Ideal properties are those with 2 or more bedrooms that are intended to be used as a short term rental BUSINESS. If the property is intended to be a vacation home with occasional rentals, propertySUPERS is most likely not your ideal team.  Also, properties MUST be outfitted properly with safety priorities, clean and functioning amenities, and edited aesthetics.  As hospitality partners, the PS team works exclusively with owner/hosts dedicated to exceptional guest experiences and hosts who value the contributions to their successful STR enterprise.

PropertySUPERS is providing significantly more services beyond cleaning. And every team member is insured up to $2m in liability coverage. No contracts, no annual fees - only month to month agreements.