Meet the "Supers" - founders Keith & Donna Lyerly

Born southerners and longtime residents of the mountains of North Carolina, Keith and Donna have enjoyed living and traveling the world via Keith's manufacturing career. Keith has overseen manufacturing operations as a GM for as many as 400 employees in the USA, Puebla, Mexico and Shanghai, China. Keith's "super" powers are meticulous methodologies, efficient workflows, and guaranteed on-time delivery of services.

Donna has a background in design; trained commercial interior design and web design. Donna's "super" powers are exceptional design details and a newly found passion for creating innovative scheduling and workflow apps specific to STR cleaning. Robust and responsive scheduling tools that operate across multiple reporting sources are CRUCIAL to scaling a successful STR service enterprise. 

Keith and Donna have been in partnership over 48 years (they're high school sweethearts)! They purchased their property Yonderways and began short term rental hosting  in 2017 to family and friends. The summer of 2018 they joined Airbnb, VRBO, and Flipkey platforms, along with offering direct booking through their dedicated website. They then promptly decided to make a career of helping other STR owners.

Hospitality Cleaning Partners and Hospitality Technicians are trade terminologies originated by the founders in an effort to differentiate and define the exacting restorative STR clean and the hybrid property management offered by their proven proprietary protocols. The couple's southern affability combined with their earlier careers and extensive travels have culminated in a passion for achieving and sharing with others the business of STR hospitality cleaning excellence. 

picture of airbnb superhost status
6 google reviews and all 5 stars!

Way back in February 2019 our personal property was identified and chosen among hundreds of others to roll out the initial PLUS program in our area. Our cabin is not plush (on the contrary), but it does fit the exacting criteria of the AirBnB PLUS standards. Which goes to prove that a more humble property, with the proper amenities, cleanliness, and proven guest relations can compete with grander listings and even local hotels.  We hope you'll consider partnering with us - we've got the superpowers to take your STR to the next level without you sacrificing profits from large property management fees. ~ donna