Professional Protocols and Products for Short Term Rental Cleaning

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Recommended STR Cleaning Products

We highly recommend these products after much testing but also know that most of the products on our site include an affiliate link which means you won't pay a penny more but the product manufacturers will give us a small commission for recommending their products.


We've tried many different brands at many different price points and the Mr. Siga brand is our top pick for value and quality. The fine microfiber is ideal for polishing glass (shower doors!, windows, mirrors, stove tops, microwaves and coffee pots), but we use it to polish off porcelain, granite, chrome, stainless, and more.

"Polishing Out" - means finishing off all surfaces of in the kitchen and baths - it's a crucial step to making the home stage ready.

Wash in warm water with small amount of detergent and vinegar. NEVER use fabric softener with microfiber polishing cloths.


Better known and marketed as "magic erasers", melamine foam or sponge is an effective abrasive cleaner. It works like extremely fine sandpaper, getting into tiny grooves and pits in the object being cleaned.

Combined with an acid base cleaner, melamine is an effective way to destroy crude and grime. For extremely greasy surfaces we will use a touch of blue Dawn detergent in conjunction with the melamine, but in most cases, that is not necessary. Melamine is very effective at eradicating soap scum, burned on food on stove and oven, cleaning stainless/acrylic/porcelain appliances and more!

These particular melamine sponges are thick and will not disintegrate like cheaper, less dense foams.