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Below is a list of Portage County's league champs:



MAC: Coventry (2020-2021)

,PTC: Southeast (2020-2021)

PTC Metro: Coventry (2019-2020)

PTC County: Crestwood (2019-2020)


MAC: Streetsboro (2020-2021)

PTC: Garfield (2020-2021)

PTC Metro: Streetsboro (2019-2020), Norton/Ravenna/Woodridge (2018-2019)

PTC County: Mogadore (2019-2020), Mogadore (2018-2019)

NAC: Windham (2018-2019)

Boys Soccer

MAC: Norton (2020-2021)

PTC: Southeast (2020-2021)

PTC Metro: Field (2019-2020), Woodridge (2018-2019)

PTC County: Crestwood (2019-2020), Crestwood (2018-2019)

Girls Soccer

MAC: Streetsboro (2020-2021)

PTC: Southeast (2020-2021)

PTC Metro: Streetsboro (2019-2020), Field (2018-2019), Field/Streetsboro (2017-2018)

PTC County: Garfield (2019-2020), Southeast (2018-2019)

Boys Golf

PTC Metro: Coventry

PTC County: Rootstown

Girls Golf

PTC: Cloverleaf


Boys Basketball

PTC Metro: Streetsboro (2019-2020), Woodridge (2018-2019)

PTC County: Crestwood (2019-2020), Mogadore/Valley Christian (2018-2019)

Girls Basketball



Suburban American: Aurora (2019-2020), Aurora (2018-2019), Aurora (2017-2018), Aurora (2016-2017)

PTC Metro: Norton (2019-2020), Norton (2018-2019)

PTC County: Southeast (2019-2020), Southeast (2018-2019), Garfield (2017-2018)

Boys Bowling

PTC: Woodridge

Girls Bowling

PTC: Springfield



PTC Metro: Norton

PTC County: Rootstown

Suburban American: Kent Roosevelt


PTC Metro: Field

PTC County: Mogadore

Boys Track and Field

PTC Metro: Woodridge

PTC County: Garfield

Girls Track and Field

PTC Metro: Woodridge

PTC County: Crestwood and Rootstown (Conference Meet: Crestwood, Dual Meets: Rootstown)

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