How to Have the Best Vday

Ceja, January 2018, Entertainment

Every year couples stress about what to do for Valentines day. Fining cute ideas for decorations and and cute easy food ideas is time consuming and hard.

Xuedan Fillmore, September 2017

What was your tooth fairy like? Or did one even exist for you?

Mansfield and Slattery, September 2017

Would you trust a memory if it felt as real as your others? And other people remember it, too?

McCawley, January 2017

Some stories are sweet, for instance my nickname is Kerbear, because when I was a little girl I had a Care Bear that I loved, and since my name is Kerry, the nickname Kerbear fits perfectly.

Garza, December 2016

Birthdays are special. Some people have to share them with relatives, but then there’s some of us who share them with holidays. Not all of them are holly-jolly though.

Mansfield, November 2016

How many babies does it take to paint a wall red? One, you just have to throw it really hard.

Fillmore and Eychner, October 2016

“I picked out the most nervous person in the whole group; it was the first person that ever took me up on one of my private tours.

Mansfield, May 2016

Pomona is a very diverse community; we have a variety of students such as musicians, athletes, theatre junkies, artists, etc.

Lindsey, May 2016

Imagine this, on a breezy summer day you decide to drive up to the mountains and take a small hike.