Singh, November 2017

Pomona gymnastics has proven once again we are number one.

Gardner and Lace, November 2017

Sports have a huge impact on one's life, negative or positive.

Borrego and Velasquez, September 2017

Senior returning running back, Massimiliano Borghi was asked how he felt about last year’s seniors leaving the team and how he was feeling after the first game of the season against Mullen High School.

Rule, September 2017

Pomona’s Varsity football team demolished Mullen High School during the first game of the Panther’s season.

Mansfield, January 2017

Language Arts teacher, sprint and football coach Jared Yannacito will not be a part of the Pomona brotherhood next year.

Gomez, May 2016

This year is a big year for sports, as future hall of famers Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers and Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos are hanging up their jerseys for the final time.