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Pomona High School, located in Arvada, CO, is a 9th-12th grade public high school operated by the Jefferson County School District. Opened in 1973, Pomona has been a mainstay for the east Arvada community and welcomed many generations of students. This school has a long and successful history. Our athletic programs are some of the best in state, with many individual state champions succeeding at Pomona. Our wrestling program has won state back to back the last three years and our football program is ranked number 1 5A in the state.

Our theatre program, the Catwalk Theatre Company, has been heralded as a haven for theatrical students, while continuously winning awards and achieving accolades with stunning performances. We're home to the renowned Pomona Arts & Humanities Program (PAH). PAH is open to students from throughout JeffCo who seek a creative, hands-on learning environment that engages the talents of young artists and their ambitions for learning at the highest possible levels in a diverse way.

Pomona was named the Think360Arts Outstanding Arts High School for 2015.

These are just a few of the things that makes Pomona one of the greatest schools in not only JeffCo, but in the state of Colorado.