Hailey Hillier

I’m Hailey.

I know, the most common name since 2001, not very original. I have been in journalism since my freshman year. I have made many friends in this class and look forward to making more until my senior year. Journalism has helped me grow as a struggling writer by teaching me new techniques (I wouldn’t say, "struggling" but it sounds more dramatic). At home, I have two little brothers and let me be honest: they drive me crazy, but I love them endlessly. With a crazy family life, journalism helps me make time to write my stories and make sure the public can see my stories through the magazine. I would have to say my favorite story would have to be my “Riverdale” page from the Colorado Edition because I grew up hearing tales about Riverdale Road. Thanks for clicking on my page and hope you go and read more of the Pomona Perspective.