Community basketball Rules

community basketball rules

League Game Rules (Link will open a Google Doc)

General Rules and Guidance

You are responsible for the children in your practice- never leave them unattended.

You are responsible for the gym space we are being granted- make sure it is left the way it was when you got there.

Parent reminders - no balls are to come into the school- we will give them one to use. Remind parents that they do not need to be present during the practice but ask that they walk their child into the school gym to meet up with the coach and to be timely in coming back in to pick their child up.

Be Respectful for the games going on prior to yours- do not allow your kids to go across the gym floor and wait over by the team bleachers. Have your kids wait in the hallway or in the spectators bleachers.

Wet sneakers- either have them bring a change of shoes or wipe their feet off well before entering the court

Please help the league by taking care of our school - no running in the hallway, no horseplay in the foyer..etc.

All players should be wearing black shorts, team shirt/jersey and sneakers

Please make sure each team has a volunteer to cover the books and time clock. THIS IS THE COACHES RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SURE THE TABLE IS SET...please have a plan set up each week.

The first team that plays for the day in each gym is responsible for setting up the gym- clock table and bleachers if not already out. Please come 20 mins early to do so.

The last team in each gym is responsible for cleaning up the score table, any wrappers/food/drink containers that are left in the gym.

Coaches, please stay on time! Keep watch of how the game is going. Do not allow the games to roll over excessively into the next game. WE MUST STAY ON TIME.