Phoenix COMMUNITY Basketball

2022 Tournament

Please see the 2022 Show Your Fire Schedule

2022 Tournament:

The 2022 Phoenix Community Basketball "Show Your Fire" Tournament will be held March 18, 19, 20. Please see the tournament page for details. The tournament schedule is also available.

What is this Community PROGRAM All About?

Phoenix Community Basketball is an organized group of parents, coaches, and community leaders dedicated to the development and maintenance of a youth basketball program in our community. Our mission is to encourage and promote children of all ages to become active and stay involved in basketball. We believe that a strong youth program leads to happier, healthier, and more productive kids.

Our Goals

  1. Encourage fundamental development.

  2. Improve individual and team player skill sets.

  3. Provide playing opportunities for children.

  4. Assist in coaching development, recruitment, and ongoing support.

  5. Provide support for future programs.

  6. Become a central resource for other teams to reach out to.

  7. Advance sportsmanship and teamwork in a fun environment.

Our Vision

Our vision is this program will eventually produce quality, competitive, varsity basketball teams that bring our community regional, sectional, and state championships.