Australian Parish Nurse Resource Centre

Pastoral Healthcare Network Australia, collaborates with the Westberg Institute in Memphis, Tennessee to provide resources to assist Nurses , Allied Health Practitioners and Clergy in establishing Health Ministries in their communities.

The Australian Parish Nurse Resource Centre is located at Wesley Church 100 Yarra St, Geelong. VIC Australia.

A comprehensive online course is available for faith communities wishing to introduce a health ministry into their church.

A range of books , DVD's and training materials are available for sale or loan .

Contact Leonie Rastas on 0408 217 375 for more information.

Westberg Faith Community Nursing Curriculum

Unit I: Spirituality

• History & Philosophy

• Prayer

• Self-Care

• Healing & Wholeness

Unit II: Professionalism

• Ethical Issues

• Documenting Practice

• Legal Aspects

• Beginning Your Ministry

• Community & Collaboration

Unit III: Holistic Health

• Health Promotion

• Family Violence

• Suffering, Grief & Loss

Unit IV: Community

• Assessment

• Accessing Resources

• Advocacy

• Care Coordination