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Welcome to Phase 5 Publishing, small publisher of science fiction, fantasy and horror.

Phase 5 publishes authors with or without a proven track record, prior experience, or agents. Phase 5 publishes interesting speculative fiction stories, regardless of length. No romance in sci-fi skin. No political drama thinly veiled as fantasy. No agendas disguised as horror.

Phase 5 publishes art that depicts other worlds, other beings, other realities, internal and external.

Phase 5 offers entertainment, irrelevant of trends, whims, public conformity or other hazards to enjoyment. Current offerings include coming of age fantasy, zero-g noir, monogender superscience potential universe, mutable reality love story (not a girly romance), interdimensional invasion, doomed planetary colonization, supervillain autobiography, and science fiction and fantasy short stories from European and American authors covering post-apocalyptic, urban fantasy/supernatural, atypical planetary colonization.